Putting our Recruitment Principles into Practice

It’s very easy to tell people what your company ethos and principles are. It’s far more powerful when a satisfied candidate confirms them for you. In the blogs that we have been putting out over the last few months, we have talked about Lea Consultancy’s different approach to recruitment.

We’ve spoke about matching people not, CV’s, about listening to candidates and companies alike. We’ve mentioned about going the extra mile with our customers. Whether its help with interview techniques or beneficial advice on presenting your CV in the best light, to give you the best chance.

What’s great is when you get feedback from a successful candidate that confirms all the points we’ve spoken about within their written testimonial. It proves that we do what we say we do and run our business based on these recruitment principles.

Here’s what one of our successful candidates had to say about the experience they’ve had with Lea Consultancy.

“Ally first contacted me in 2013 when I was putting feelers out for new opportunities within IT Project Management. At the time I was unsure of the direction I wanted to go, and also feeling like I didn’t have the skills and experience to take a step away from a role I felt comfortable in, but not particularly appreciated.

Ally worked with me to tailor my CV, coached me on interview techniques (as it had been a while since I’d interviewed) and prepared me for my interview by giving me good background on the company, the role and the people that would be interviewing me. Ally also gave me confidence in my abilities and worked through what I believed were my strengths, something that is so important when you are looking to move to a new position, especially when you are comfortable in the role you are already in. She didn’t hard sell the role, just plainly laid out the positives and negatives of moving on and allowed me to make my own decisions.

Throughout the interview process and after the offer was given and accepted, Ally kept me informed with what I should expect and advised me how best to proceed. I couldn’t have wished for more support or guidance in what is quite a stressful time.

I’ve had the pleasure (and sometimes displeasure) of meeting and speaking to many recruiters since 2013, but Ally stands head and shoulders above all of them for the time, energy, commitment and heart that she puts into selecting and guiding her candidates to the right roles. I cannot recommend Ally highly enough.”

So if you are looking for a recruitment company that really sticks by it’s recruitment principles, give us a call on 0844 2642554