Tips on How to Improve your CV

Lea Consultancy have seen a lot of CV’s over the years. We’ve also placed a lot of candidates with the right companies based on the strength of their CV. We believe that there are some key elements that companies are looking for when it comes to their next appointment.

One of the key elements when it comes to how to improve your CV is to make sure you put all your relevant achievements on there. We don’t mean just list them, this is common practice when it comes to writing your CV. We mean provide practical examples of the relevant tasks that you have performed.

Rather than just say you work well to deadlines for example. Provide a real life written example of how you approached working to a deadline, what you did and how that benefited the company you worked for. These kind of examples have far more positive influence over your potential new employer.

If you are going for a practical or technical role for example, it’s always beneficial to show examples of how you have understood the practical process and how your technical skill has helped solve problems. IT is a good industry example, as there a lots of instances of how the relevant IT skills will have solved problems. Using these examples will make your CV stand out far more.

At Lea Consultancy we are always on hand to review your CV and suggest improvements that we know will help create a better impression with your potential employer.

So if you are looking for a recruitment company that really does go that extra mile, give us a call on 0844 2642554