What I Don’t Like about Recruitment

Lea Consultancy specialise primarily in matching the right people to the right job in the IT and Telecoms industry. We have a recruitment procedure that works for ourselves, but more importantly works for our candidates and the companies that we place them with.

This procedure is a reflection of our business ethos and character, but it’s also been shaped somewhat by our own professional experiences with recruitment. Lea Consultancy have used recruitment companies before as part of our wider business strategy. It has been quite an eye opening experience seeing how it works from the other side of the fence.

So what didn’t we like?

We were very surprised by how sales orientated the recruiters were. They were pushy, too focused on the sale rather than finding the right solution for us. We also found that we being shoe horned quite a lot into accepting candidates that we felt didn’t fully fit our remit.

We found that there was no follow up after interviews and the main concern was the feeling that we were not being listened to. We also didn’t like the fact that when we questioned the original fee, there was an immediate willingness to reduce the price in order to secure the work. We thought that this lacked integrity.

The main value that we got out of the experience was the positive realisation that Lea Consultancy didn’t operate that way. It reinforced our brand principles even more than ever. This was not how we wanted to operate.

Our experience gave us a valuable insight into what we feel is important when it comes to recruitment. Listening and putting our candidates and clients needs before ours is, we feel, the only way to operate. We are in an industry where repeat business and recommendation are vitally important, so adopting a one off sales approach is not for us. Matching the right people to the right companies is what we are about.

So if you are looking for a recruitment company that really does go that extra mile, then give us a call on 0844 2642554